About Society

About Society

A team of highly qualified personnel experienced in almost all fields constitute this body. Utilization of man power coupled with technical aspect contributes for the development of a country. Our present growth in the field of Technology has given rise to a great need for technical man power and India is one of the best producers of technical manpower.

With a view to promote technical manpower, a group of members of the society under the stewardship of Sri N.Nageswara Rao, B.E., M.E., who worked and retired as Chief Engineer, Irrigation, Nagarjuna Sagar Project started the society. He studied in R.E.C., Warangal and he had acquired high Academic Excellency in his field. So with the background of Technical Education, he strove hard to uplift the Educational Sector along with a team of highly qualified persons. To promote quality education in diversified fields the body introduced B.Pharmacy and M.Tech Programmes.

Sri N.S. Kalyan Chakravarthy, who was the founder secretary and correspondent of this society, is now presently one of the members. Sri N.S. Kalyan Chakravarthy, B.E., from the University of Madras had trained himself in U.S.A in latest Computer Technology and Software Development. He is also a member of Engineering Society of Detroit (E.S.D) in Michigan State, U.S.A.

Another member of the society is Sri. B.Ch. Prasad, M.Sc. He is the President of the Society. He is also very much associated with the educational field and he has been running a recognized Junior and Degree College.

Smt N.Ch. Lakshmi is the Vice President of this society. She has zeal to promote education and has toured extensively not only in India but also abroad. She has acquired the knowledge of technical Education due to her study of these educational Institutions in India and in U.S.A.

Sri. Ch. Malakondaiah M.Sc., is the Joint Secretary of this society. He worked for 30 years as Lecturer and Head of Chemistry in V.V. & M.Degree College, Ongole.

Beside these eminent personalities there are some more members.